Pull on a pair of joggers and prepare to get those hearts pumping in the funds to support the Very Special Kids!!

The VSK Hospice located in Malvern, is the only children’s Hospice in Victoria. It offers families who have a child with life threatening conditions free access to planned and emergency respite, as well as end-of-life care.

The Hospice provides 24-hour specialist nursing care in a warm and welcoming environment. VSK relies upon community support and generosity to provide the $6.5 million required each year to keep this fantastic organisation running. A calendar of events is scheduled, including the 24hr Treadmill Marathon, held on 20th-21st May 2016.

The day started with a buzz of activity. Just before 9am a crowd of enthusiastic runners piled through the gates, all geared up, ready to show their support. From AFL players to celebrities, a grizzly bear to a pair of M & M’s and many more – all outfitted to suit their eagerness.

After a brief warm-up and an entertaining introduction, the confetti bombs erupted and the 24hr non-stop Treadmill Marathon was on! A total of 1100 runners were joined in teams to keep the 30 treadmills in continuous motion over the 24hr period. Individuals ran for 30mins each or 1 hour for the fittest.

An inspiring atmosphere was created with celebrities, DJ’s and massage crews motivating the runners while they completed the challenge. The air-conditioned marquee was lit up with an array of coloured lights, which bounced off disco balls in time to the music, but nothing could outshine the bright smile of 8-year-old Joshua, as he was wheeled in from the VSK Hospice.

As the giant LCD timer counted down, donations kept flooding in and the funds barometer was accelerating up! By 11am the funds raised totalled a massive $600,000!

Rapid Relief Team Berwick were thrilled to be able to support this worthy cause once again, serving a free hot BBQ breakfast of bacon and egg wraps to all volunteers, followed by a delivery of freshly made sandwiches to satisfy the hungry runners filing in from the treadmills.

There was no doubt the food was well received with comments of appreciation from many VSK volunteers and supporters. One comment received was, “Those wraps were delicious, I would love to be able to fit another on in” and another, “A massive effort put in from everyone proved a very successful day that was enjoyed by all who volunteered and attended”

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