Ron Arkcoll, Managing Director

Ron is an Entrepeneur with an extensive background in pre-fabricated building products. He has more than 20 years’ experience supplying products to the domestic and international construction industry. Ron worked closely with equipment manufacturers to help introduce the iconic RRT catering trailer used by RRT across Australia and in other global regions. He has been a Board Member since the establishment of the charity and is a passionate and active volunteer for RRT in the South West region of NSW.

Ron has represented the RRT publicly and has appeared on various radio programs, TV news and has been published in a number of newspapers across Australia.

Alistair Dent

Alistair’s professional career spans over 15 years in the accounting and taxation industry. Alistair is a Founder and Managing Director of an accounting and advisory firm, providing business and specialist advisory services to small to medium enterprises. Alistair works with and provides pro-bono services to a number of community and not-for-profit organisations and is an active RRT volunteer. He is a founding Board Member of RRT and currently serves as the Fundraising and Finance Director.

Daniel Alderton

Daniel was instrumental in the establishment of RRT in Australia, working both on the charitable structure of RRT and the operational setup including sourcing of new equipment and operational guidelines. Daniel was offered an RRT Directorship in 2013 after volunteering with RRT. Daniel is a Board Member and the RRT Operations Director and National Events Coordinator.

John Proctor

John commenced as one of the first Rapid Relief Team volunteers and was elected to the Board in 2014. John is the Managing Director of a national wholesale building supplies business, bringing with him a wealth of operations experience to RRT. John is also actively involved with RRT’s event management and operational teams.

Lester Sharples

Lester has extensive experience in sales and operations management that spans over 15 years. Since 2014, Lester has been an active volunteer for RRT, and most recently stepped into the role of Project Manager for RRT’s Operation Fire Relief (OFR) initiative. Over the years, Lester has represented RRT in a variety of radio and TV interviews. Lester is also a Director of a workshop equipment supply company with a strong background in sourcing maintenance equipment from overseas and supplying it to the automotive, transport and mining industry. Lester brings his valuable skillset in sales and operations to RRT in Australia.

Lloyd Grimshaw

Lloyd has been an active Director of the Rapid Relief Team since its inception. Lloyd works in the private sector as a Director of a construction supply company, which he has managed for many years. Lloyd brings a variety of skills and experience to the RRT Board, with a strong focus on public and corporate relations.

Rick Grosse

Rick is an Accountant, Tax Agent and Auditor with an extensive background in national and international not-for-profit organisations. As one of the Founding Directors, Rick was pivotal in the setup of RRT as a charitable entity in Australia. Rick brings a unique and valued skillset to the RRT Board and is actively involved in legal compliance and regulatory aspects of RRT in both Australia and across the globe.

Rick Salisbury

Rick Salisbury has volunteered with RRT since 2013 and has participated as a Local and Regional Team Leader before joining the Board of Directors in 2018. Rick has extensive experience in sales and operations management in the private sector and also works with a youth education organisation. Rick’s is managing the roll out of RRT's soap recycling project and asset management.

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