The Universal Business Team (UBT) has generously donated an astonishing AUD$1 million to support RRT’s bushfire and drought relief initiatives.

UBT’s generosity will enable RRT to have a greater impact on emergency services responding to the catastrophic bushfires, families who have lost their homes to the fires and farmers who have been financially impacted by the drought. This will be achieved through RRT’s three key initiatives; Operation Fire Relief, Rapid Water Systems and Farmers Community Connect.

Operation Fire Relief is designed to bring hope, and a helping hand to fire ravaged communities by donating a $1,000 Eftpos Gift Card to families who have lost their home, an RRT Family Food Box and Cookie the Kookaburra to children affected. The Rapid Relief Team will visit fire-ravaged communities across Australia with the aim of helping 1,000 Aussie families who have lost everything.

RRT has also designed and engineered a new initiative, Rapid Water Systems, to pump water from hard to reach water sources to a central staging area near the fire front where firefighters can quickly fill their fire trucks. This has saved precious hours, allowing the firefighters to spend more time fighting fires.

UBT’s Donation will also support RRT’s Farmers Community Connect initiative which supports farmers financially affected by the drought in way of donating a 1 ton bulker bag of livestock pellets.

The generous donations RRT has received from organisations such as UBT allows us to continue to assist those in need across the Australia. On behalf of RRT and those we support nationwide, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to UBT.

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