The farmers from the Central Western Queensland area of Longreach have suffered through a 2 year drought which has had a huge impact on the town and its residents.  The Warwick RRT heard about the plight of the Longreach farmers through another Warwick organisation the Community Disaster Relief Van (CDRV).  Inspired by a road trip to the area, the CDRV began raising awareness of their hardship and collecting donations including food packs for the farmers and their families

When RRT heard about the relief effort they immediately began investigating ways in which they could help out.  As the farmers are struggling financially, they are reducing the number of trips they take into town as it costs so much. Therefore they are going without some food items and instead living off what they can produce themselves.  They have been unable to sell stock to raise funds as the animals are in such a poor state that they would not be able to withstand travel.

We began purchasing good quality food items and a small team of RRT volunteers packed some 30 boxes which were donated to the CDRV who then distributed them to the families in need.

The packs included small luxuries that the families are doing without in these hard times.  The boxes were packed with care to ensure they would survive the 1133km journey from Warwick to Longreach.

The RRT was pleased to be able to help the CDRV in their endeavour to make a difference to the lives of those enduring terrible hardship and are ready and looking forward to assisting the CDRV with their next two deliveries.

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