Serving 10,815 meals in 30 days is certainly something to acknowledge. With over 42 events across the UK, 433 volunteers were busy serving the communities around them. 


Firstly, starting on Liverpool, volunteers supported the Merseyside police at the annual Labour Conference. With over 13,000 recipients, this event added increased pressure on the local police force, so RRT volunteers where on the scene, demonstrating compassion in action. 


An explosion took place in a car park at Luton Airport; RRT teams served up meals the emergency services and airport staff, whilst they worked to get the situation under control. 


The Benjamin Foundation brings hope, stability, and independence to children and young people experiencing challenges.


Ipswich volunteers provided a warming bacon breakfast to those attending the Annual Sleep Out.


The Ashgate Hospice hosted a three mile walk to raise match needed funds and the Chesterfield volunteers fried up our iconic Burger Meal to those attending. 


And lastly, in Guilford, RRT volunteers served over 400 meals to the Royal Surrey Hospital Community Open Day. 


October was a busy month, and with only 60 seconds to compile our events, we haven’t included all our events. If you click here, you will be able to view the blogs to other events.


Thanks for reading, watch out for next month’s update! 

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