Relay For Life is one of the Cancer Council’s most successful fundraisers, and is held in many locations throughout Australia every year. Over the past 12 months, the Cancer Council has held 214 relays involving a total of nearly 150,000 participants, and have raised an amazing $23,000,000!

This money is used to fight cancer by providing support and care programs for patients and their families providing accommodation, transport or paying bills for those who are too ill to earn money, and funding ground breaking research into new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Relay for Life is a 24 hour event, and teams take part by having at least one member from their team on the track at all times – even throughout the night!

The Rapid Relief Team was privileged to be a support to the Cancer Council during Toowoomba’s Relay for Life event on the 30th May. This was the first time the RRT had taken part in this event in Toowoomba, and the team was excited to be involved in such a worthy cause.

RRT met on site at 7:30am and helped in setting up some signage and tables, and also completed the ‘team leaders bags’, arranged the shirt packs in alphabetical order and assisted in setting up the registration/help desk. Participants started arriving at 8:30 and the RRT were there to help people unload their cars, show them to their camping area and help them set up their gear.

Throughout the day RRT also controlled vehicle traffic entering the grounds, assisted participants with any queries and directions, handed out shirt packs and team leader bags, registered new relay participants and the Survivors and Carers Walk participants.

The event was an enormous success and a total of $92,000 was raised to assist in the fight against cancer!

RRT was very appreciated by the Cancer Council, and we received feedback like, ‘this is the most organised we’ve ever been!’ and ‘we couldn’t have done without you!’

Toowoomba RRT really enjoyed the time, and look forward to helping out again with next year’s Relay For Life event.

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