International Nurses Day is supported around the globe on May 12, which marks the anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

Over the whole of May, RRT volunteers from across the country joined forces to acknowledge the selfless efforts of our nursing and midwifery community, who are the backbone of our healthcare system.

Recognising thousands of nurses across the country, more than 340 volunteers served over 9,400 meals at 26 hospitals spanning right across Australia.

Globally, 1,126 volunteers have served 41,500 meals across 10 countries to support International Nurses Day in May.

"Your team showed up, fed our nurses and let them know that they are appreciated. This has helped build our team and bring them closer together. RRT's presence has helped us acknowledge all the teams like cleaning, community and maintenance working across our hospital showing them that they matter and are appreciated."

Jenni McGee

Parkes Nurse Manager

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