Six RRT Teams across the nation have united to support the Bravehearts Marathon, a charity dedicated to raising funds for child abuse prevention through unique events.

1 in 4 Australian children have experienced sexual abuse. Bravehearts encourages recipients to choose a challenge that suits them, register and raise funds and collect rewards for the dollars they raise. Bravehearts host unique events, such as the 777 Marathon to raise funds and awareness for the foundation to continue to educate, empower and protect Australian children. To date, the cause has raised $546,590. 

The events kicked off in Perth, as volunteers set the pace followed by events in Adelaide, Melbourne, Launceston, Sydney, and Canberra over the coming days. The teams were made up of 42 national runners who attend each marathon and a state-based contingent who complete the marathon on their site.

1,600 nourishing meals and refreshing beverages aimed to keep everyone fuelled and inspired. RRT volunteers provided participants with a range of delicious meals across the six days, being their main source of energy on their journeys.

“We are so delighted to be able to support The 777 Marathons. With a goal for people, communities and systems to all work together to protect our children, this couldn't mean more to us than that."

RRT Team Leader, Ken Earl

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