Homelessness is a difficult and terrifying situation for a person to be in, and it can happen very quickly to anybody. Unfortunately there are more than 105 000 homeless people in Australia, and on any given night there are 1 in 200 people without a home. Queensland has the third highest rate of homelessness across Australia’s states and territories, with over 48 people per 10 000 homeless on the night of the Census in 2011. While this may not seem a high proportion, every one of these individuals is suffering in their circumstances, lacking privacy, shelter, and care.  And to each of these individuals, every little bit of support is valued.

The Rapid Relief Team in Bundaberg recognized this during 2016, and began providing a free hot breakfast each month to homeless and disadvantaged people. This is one meal a month homeless and needy people don’t need to think about, pay for, or provide. The meal was to be served in the carpark of the Regional Housing Building. Regional Housing Ltd offers emergency housing solutions to persons in need and an event like this brings those in need into touch with those that can help them.

Many thanks go to Regional Housing Ltd for allowing RRT to use their carpark to serve the meal

While in August the attendance started small, the fresh ‘all you can eat’ meal of hot bacon and egg muffins, soup, tea and coffee and juice was very much appreciated. The positive atmosphere and hot food meant that all attendees promised to be back the following month!

The morning offers not only a free meal, but a chance to chat! Fresh fruit, and juice are served along with breakfast muffins made on the spot

On Wednesday morning the 7th of September, Bundaberg RRT were hard at it again from 7:00 am cooking up a hearty breakfast, and were rewarded to see 8 more attendees than in August – word had obviously spread! The fresh bacon and egg muffins that were such a hit were on the menu again, along with tea, coffee, hot soup and juice – all served with a smile.

All who attend are served as much as they can eat, for free!

The following month the RRT kept up support with another hot and freshly made breakfast, this time serving 19 hungry people! Bundaberg RRT is proud to offer this support to the disadvantaged persons in our community, and this free breakfast is a monthly event that RRT is committing to providing, as a small gesture of support to those in unfortunate circumstances.

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