Following a request from the Tamworth Regional Council for the RRT to support their care of disadvantaged youth, the local team provided a free community evening BBQ at the new “Youthie” centre at the start of July.

Only recently opened, this modern drop-in community centre caters mainly for young people aged 12 – 18. It is operated by the Tamworth Regional Council and offers a variety of recreational, sports, technology, arts and music based activities.

Boosted by a generous donation from Woolworths, the tasty BBQ and drinks catered for around 50 happy children and a number of adults from the local community. The cold winter’s night ensured hot chocolate was an all-round favourite!

The evening team

RRT were back again the following Friday at lunchtime for another free BBQ. This time hamburgers were on the menu and these seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Not only did the local community benefit from this, the RRT team also appreciated the opportunity to meet them and hear some of their interesting stories and backgrounds!

Youthie’s Steve Blanch, who was running a series of daily activities over the winter holidays, was extremely thankful for the support of RTT and looks forward to future work together serving the community.

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