Over two months, RRT volunteers from Toowoomba, Brisbane and Warwick spent their selfless days and nights to support the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services at various fire events, since the Cecil Plains fire occured.

Since then, between these three localities, led by Toowoomba, have supported the QFES in eight different fire events.

To date, RRT have provided:

3,670 meals served

1,200+ volunteer hours dedicated

22 days of support

As the season only gets hotter, the unique support from our volunteers across Australia will be stronger. Their quick-witted spirit and dedication are only the spark of what the teams can do.

"Regardless of whether it’s a bushfire, flood, transport accident, drought, pandemic, mice plague and the list goes on, your team is always there with the right people, right equipment at the right time."

Paul Lloyd, Former NSW Regional Emergency Management Officer

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