For the second round of flood relief in December alone, RRT head to Rochester, Victoria to support recovering farmers in the wake of the devastating floods.

Our volunteers provided 92 farmers from Rochester and surrounding areas with free hay bales and bags of ryegrass seed. In all, 1,150 hay bales and 320 25 kilogram bags of ryegrass seed were distributed to the farmers.

Community members of Rochester turned up to enjoy a free BBQ, coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts arranged by our volunteers at the Rochester Recreation Reserve. It was a well deserved day out for community and farmers to connect with each other, enjoy a meal and provide resources to local support groups to assist those farmers in need.

“Times like these really demonstrate the importance of staying connected. We’ve found in these shared, friendly community environments farmers feel more comfortable to talk to different providers of support services or learn about some of the offer on hand.”

RRT Operations Manager, Mick Dunn

We were thrilled to provide relief at yet another Farmers Community Connect event, and look forward to continuing our support efforts across the country!

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