RRT volunteers rallied together and hit the road destined for Yea, Victoria, to help flood threatened farmers journey to recovery in our Farmers Community Connect event.

Members of the Yea community and surrounding areas were greeted with a free BBQ lunch, barista coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts. Volunteers gifted farmers with bags of annual ryegrass seed and rolls of fencing wire to help them recover and get their farms back up and running in the wake of the devastating floods.

The convoy arrived at Yea Salesyards and in all, 16,388kg of annual ryegrass seed was distributed, while 180 fencing wire rolls each measuring 1.5km was provided to the farmers.

“Farmers have done it tough over the past few years as they’ve battled through a long-standing drought, bushfires and now to the other end of the extreme, floods. We know that it can take some time to fully recover from the effects of these disasters, so that’s why we’re not only providing financial support, but emotional support by offering a feel-good day out for the farmers."

RRT Operations Manager, Mick Dunn

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