The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) brought hope and a helping hand to 450 farmers in Narrabri as part of their Farmers Community Connect initiative, supporting those who have been affected by Australia’s worst drought in living memory.

Friday 22 November 2019 marked the day that RRT towed in 400 tonnes of livestock pellets, 400 x 20kg of poultry pellets, and offered a free BBQ lunch, original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts and barista coffees for farmers, and the local community to enjoy. The donation of 400 tonnes of livestock pellets will feed some 10,000 livestock across the greater Narrabri region for a month. Farmers Community Connect also brought together much needed financial and social services to the farmers in one easy location.

RRT’s Chairman, Ron Arkcoll, said it was their Christian values of care and compassion that motivated them to help farmers across drought-stricken NSW.

“Today’s Farmers Community Connect was about bringing together both farmers and the community to have a bite to eat, a chat with mates and support each other through some tough times,” Ron said.


“Our journey across the state to deliver feed for livestock and support for farmers and their families has been a humble one, and a real eye-opener to the goodness found in the power of community and togetherness,” Ron continued.

Narrabri farmer Frank said “the drought has made us so aware of how vulnerable we are. As farmers, we don’t like to talk about ourselves, and how really tough it is out there. It is one of those things where you start to question yourself, and wonder how do we keep on gong? But then people like the Rapid Relief Team come along, and suddenly we realise there’s people out there that believe in us.”

Laura & Les Jones

Laura Jones, one of the donated fodder recipients, said the support had been amazing.

“Even though we had to travel an hour and a half to be here today, the fodder donated will keep us going for another month or six weeks. Without the Rapid Relief Team, and organisations like theirs, we couldn’t survive without them in this drought.”

Narrabri ODR

Farmers Community Connect was supported by WA Consolidated Grain Product who donated an incredibly $12,000 worth of poultry feed, and Krispy Kreme who donated 1,200 original glazed donuts. Thank you for your great Aussie spirit, and for showing our farmers that we care.


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