“Colour My Foundation” – the name begs the question, “What is it?” Colour My Foundation is an annual run/walk in Estevan, Saskatchewan, organized to raise money for the local St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. Participants in this 5km run/walk pay an admission fee ranging from $15 for kids to $55 for adults. In return they receive a T-shirt and sunglasses, a colour bag, and a BBQ lunch free of charge!

Participants throwing colour in the air before start of run.

This year the run was held on Saturday, August 27th, and the money raised from admission fees and donations went towards a new fetal heart monitor (FHM) for the hospital’s maternity unit. This is a machine that monitors a baby’s heart rate etc. before it is born. A new machine costs between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on the options required, so a lot of runners are needed to raise the necessary funds. In turn, a lot of volunteers are needed to organize the event, and that is where the RRT stepped in.

The start of the Kid Dash.

Previously, The Foundation had found that recruiting volunteers for the run has been a time-consuming process. When the RRT offered a group of over 30 willing helpers to assist in registering participants, manning colour stations, food preparation and more, it gave the organizers more time to focus on other aspects of the event.

RRT volunteers working on setting up for lunch. RRT Serving lunch to the community.

When Saturday arrived, everything was ready. To kick off the day there was an announcement that enough money had been raised to purchase the new FHM! Next was the colossal colour toss, after which the runners, walkers and strollers departed in good cheer. Groups of 25 participants left every 2 minutes, and the RRT and other volunteers generously doused them in colour at strategic locations along the route. The course ended with a final dose of colour, and then a free BBQ lunch. The local M&M Meats kindly donated hundreds of burgers and hot dogs, and the RRT worked with the other volunteers to get the meal ready for the runners when they returned looking like a bunch of happy, tired, thirsty rainbows.

A group of colourful participants.

After lunch the participants went their separate ways, and the RRT stayed to help with cleanup. Before long the grounds were returned to its original state. The organizers expressed their heart-felt appreciation of the RRT’s help in making a successful day, and the Team left colourful and happy, knowing they had made a few lives that much easier!

The RRT Volunteers From Oxbow, Saskatchewan.

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