On Monday 3rd December 2018, the Rapid Relief Team Bundaberg crew was onsite at Agnes Waters QFES station, the incident command center for the Deepwater National Park fire.

The fire status had changed to ‘contained’ but a worrying wind forecast was current, and water bombers were on standby.

RRT cooked its signature burgers for lunch for around 60 emergency services and air-wing personnel – in a warm and windy 37 C environment.

Throughout the three days, the RRT volunteers served over 200 meals to emergency services personnel from all over Australia, including Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ), Country Fire Authority (CFA), City Fire, Queensland State Emergency Service, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.
Good food facilitates great networking!

The Lowmead fire, closer to Bundaberg, was still active on Tuesday, with control moved to the Agnes Waters QFES station command centre.

It is interesting to note that the 737 made 6 retardant drops on Monday and was on call all day Tuesday, and that the cost of each load is approx. $9,000.00.

RRT is honoured to support our firefighters.

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