Monday the 7th of March, Elizabeth O’Pray’s family contacted the police as their Mother had not returned from her walk to the shops. Police commenced a land search, the following day the search intensified, both land and air search operations were utilised.

The path Mrs O’Pray is believed to have walked, winds through dense bushland on the escarpment of the Jamison valley between Medlow Bath and Katoomba, the landscape consists of irregular cliff edges, small gullies and rocky outcrops.

Late on Tuesday brief phone contact was made with Mrs O’Pray, Police and RFS searched late into the night. Properties near the bushland were searched one by one in desperate hope to find her, at mid night the search was suspended.

Wednesday morning the Police, SES, VRA and RFS again set out, line searches of bushland in the surrounding areas were completed, leaving no stone unturned.

Wednesday afternoon RRT was contacted, requested breakfast ready for 7am providing for approx. 60-80 persons and 100 meal packs.

Thursday morning Bacon and Egg rolls were served, with hot/cold drinks, the search crews gathered for their daily briefing, as each crew left to go out on the field they collected lunch packs prepared by RRT. Each pack consisted of 2 wraps, 2 juice boxes, muesli bars and a piece of fruit.

Friday morning RRT was able to provide breakfast and lunch packs. Friday night Police received information which lead them to a detailed search starting again at 7pm, an amazing effort was contributed by the police as they searched along the cliff line and with the search running till after midnight, RRT moved to their command point and supported with meals and hot drinks.

Saturday morning briefing was attended by approx. 100+ members from Police, SES, VRA and RFS. RRT supplied extra meal packs, the search crews showing no sign of letting up.

Emergency Crews continued the search with relentless vigour and outstanding dedication.

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