On Monday, 15th of June, at 10:56am, Scott Loxley turned the last corner of his amazing journey. He walked across the road, under the light sabres, past the Stormtroopers standing to attention, and in the arms of his waiting wife and son.  After walking through 15,000 kms,  405 days, and 30 pairs of shoes, Scott was home. His epic feat was a trek all the way around Australia dressed as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. Among other things he had survived 45+ degree heat, freezing desert nights, cyclone season weather conditions, an attack from a deadly King Brown snake (he was saved only by his costume!), and a diet supplemented with various roadkill (snakes, kangaroos, camels and more!). The cause Scott was walking for was the new Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton, Victoria.

In this inspirational endeavour, which became known as “Storming Australia for Monash Children’s Hospital”, Scott single-handedly raised over $100,000 towards the new 230 bed hospital currently under construction that will provide world-class care and medical treatment to over 30,000 children every year.  Monash Children’s Hospital is the third largest hospital of its kind in Australia, providing outstanding care for Melbourne’s South-east, the Gippsland region and beyond.

Scott, from Greensborough in Victoria, is a member of the 501st Legion, a costuming organisation that give their time to raise funds for varying charities.  In setting out his driving motives for his outstanding feat, Scott said “As a father, if one of my children were hospitalised, I would want them to be cared for by the best staff, with access to the best equipment”.  One of his fellow 501st Legion members commented “I don’t think we will be letting Scotty walk down the street “to get the milk” again!”

The Rapid Relief Team was onsite at the request of the hospital to provide refreshments for Scott and the members of the 501st Legion, and for the gathered crowd of Hospital Staff, children that were being currently treated, supporters of Scott’s journey and Star Wars enthusiasts.  Many of the RRT volunteers had existing links to the Monash Children’s Hospital, with family members having being admitted for care.  “This is a great way to be able to give something back to the hospital for all it’s done for our family”, one RRT volunteer commented.

There were egg and bacon rolls, sausages in bread, along with water, soft drink and juice refreshments served. A gold coin donation was requested for any food,  with the proceeds going towards Scott’s cause.  With some of the patrons donating up to $50 for their egg and bacon roll, the refreshment provision added $1,875 to Scotty’s growing mountain of donations.  “I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful support of Monash Children’s Hospital” said one of the Hospital Management, “I hope you fully understand how thankful and grateful the hospital is with what you have provided today” said another.  “What you guys have done is just fantastic”, said Scotty as he bit into his final meal of the journey: a fresh egg and bacon roll with added sausage…..no kangaroo this time!!

All in all RRT provided 450+ meals and became the fourth largest donor towards this $100,000 target. This donation can be seen along with all other supporters here.

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