RRT supplied and served refreshments at a major firefighting operation in Brunsbek-Langelohe, North Germany, supporting the fire teams for over four hours.

A 100-year-old farmhouse with an integral barn caught on fire on Monday afternoon; 80 cows were brought to safety, but the building was gutted by the fire.

More than 170 firemen from the neighbouring area were drawn in to fight the fire. Within 45 minutes of the fire alarm sounding, RRT was fully operational on site: complete with tent, coffee, chilled water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, snack bars and comfortable seating, to provide relief and support to those engaged in the firefighting.

With a very humid 26+°C adding to the physical effort, wave after wave of exhausted firemen came to the RRT tent for well-earned refreshment and to take a seat.  Trays of water, coke, glucose tablets and light snacks were distributed to those at the front line.

Comments such as “We’ve never had such good catering at a fire scene” and “I think you’re absolutely great;” were to be heard countless times from rather surprised firefighters and local villagers. The RRT volunteer team remained on site until released by the chief fire officer.

Our deep sympathy goes out to the Fischer family who have lost their home and also a big thank you to the many volunteer firemen and helpers that attended the incident.

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