RRT’s mascot Cookie the Kookaburra is swooping in to wish everyone a Happy World Laughter Day! Cookie and his infectious Kookaburra laugh, hopes to bring a smile to people’s faces this World Laughter Day.

World Laughter Day is a day where people can relieve stress and laugh, first celebrated in Los Angeles in 2005, and has since spread globally as a way to express people’s love for comedy and laughter, and today thousands of people gather worldwide on May 2nd to laugh together! “Everybody laughs in the same language because laughter is a universal connection”.

Known for their smiles, our volunteers love to spread joy to our recipients from the homeless to firefighters battling a blaze. A smile is infectious and we’re glad that we can lighten someone’s day by a simple smile and an act of kindness.

"I wanted to say thank you so very much for the lovely food parcel, delivered today by two wonderful young men. It was such a lovely surprise and I am very grateful that someone would think of me."

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