Last week, the Rapid Relief Team embarked on a mission to spread coolness and hydration throughout the bustling heart of England’s capital.


In the midst of scorching temperatures, RRT volunteers took on the challenge with enthusiasm. Armed with a truckload of compassion and 23,040 chilled water bottles, we set out to make a difference in the lives of commuters at five major train stations across London;




London Bridge,

Kings Cross,

And Euston.


Our volunteers, fuelled by passion and determination to keep the city safe, braved the heat themselves to ensure every bottle found its way into grateful hands. From Westminster to Euston, we spread refreshing relief far and wide.


The heartfelt smiles and sighs of relief we witnessed on the faces of commuters were absolutely priceless. As we handed out each bottle, we also took the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of staying hydrated during these sweltering days.


Our mission continues, and we look forward to more opportunities to make a difference together. Thank you, London, for showing us the true power of unity and compassion. Together, we can keep our city safe, cool, and thriving.


Fun fact: Did you know that the combined height of those 23,040 water bottles would surpass the height of the Shard?


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