It’s true that RRT will always be on hand, day, or night, to answer a call for help. Our team will always be willing to step in and provide care and compassion to those who need it most. Even if that need arises in the early hours of the morning, help is on hand.

Our willing volunteers attended the scene of the Luton Airport carpark fire on the evening of the 11th of October 2023. A major incident had been declared after a car caught fire in the airport’s Terminal 2 car park, and the blaze spread rapidly – thousands of traveller’s cars were now destroyed, and the carpark partially collapsed.

Due to the carpark’s close proximity to the airport terminal, all flights had to be terminated and any incoming were diverted. More than 30,000 passengers faced severe travel disruption. Hundreds of fire fighters and first responders from the surrounding areas worked all hours of the night to gain control of the blaze – and succeeding at 09:30 the next morning.

We were glad to assist at the scene by providing hot refreshments throughout the night, followed by breakfast and lunch the next day. In total, our team served around 600 meals.

It was an alarming incident, but remarkably, there were no fatalities.

"The Rapid Relief Team’s set up is truly impressive; their fast, friendly and perfectly streamlined efforts ensure that those who need immediate support in times of crisis, receive it. They ensured that the vast number of LLA colleagues and emergency services (who were onsite overnight and throughout the following day during the car park fire incident) were provided with a constant flow of sustenance including burgers, hot dogs, teas, coffees and more. Particularly humbling to all here at LLA is that everyone is a volunteer, just doing their best to help. The RRT’s compassion, cheerfulness and generous support during the most difficult of times is hugely valuable to the communities they serve."

Nik Jones

HR Director, London Luton Airport

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