Nestled in the heart of Leicester, Ratby has a rich history dating back centuries. Originally a small agricultural village, Ratby witnessed significant growth during the Industrial Revolution, evolving into a thriving community shaped by its coal mining heritage. Today, remnants of its past mingle with modern amenities, offering residents a unique blend of tradition and progress.


Despite its storied past, Ratby faced a modern-day challenge when a burst water main leaked into the gas pipes, plunging over 2,000 homes into darkness and cold. The incident, declared a major emergency by local authorities, disrupted daily life and left residents in need of urgent assistance.


During the afternoon on the 30th of January, the Leicester Rapid Relief Team (RRT) emerged as a support for the Ratby community. RRT mobilised to provide hot meals and beverages to those affected by the gas outage. Our support hopes to offer sustenance, as well as comfort and reassurance during a time of uncertainty for the local community.


As the RRT served over 300 meals across two days, Tim Harbrough from Leicester Search and Rescue expressed his thanks for our support, highlighting the vital role food and sustenance play during an emergency.


The gas leak incident in Ratby serves as a testament to the resilience of both the community and the local resilience forums. In the face of adversity, Ratby stood strong and drew on its community spirit to navigate through challenging times.


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