At 1730 on Friday 7th August, RRT Guildford received a call to support the Surrey Fire and Rescue Services who were fighting a large wildfire on Chobham Common.

RRT mobilised quickly and was on-site by 7 pm with food and drink for the exhausted teams.

Over 100 meals were served by 10 pm and the RRT Team left the site soon after.

RRT supports Surrey F&R Service at Chobham wildfire

On Saturday morning, 8th August,  RRT were back on-site at 11 am to serve more meals.

Before RRT could do so, a relocation of the command point and all associated services was required. The wind direction had changed and now the command point was in the path of the fire, which fueled by the heat and wind, was gathering momentum.

RRT supports Surrey F&R Service at Chobham wildfire

A new command point was then set up at a safe location, Longcross Studios.

The local community in the area rallied to support the emergency services by providing generous donations of food and drink for which the emergency services were very appreciative.

Over 100 people were evacuated as well and our feelings go out all those affected by this incident.

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