April 14th 2016 was a beautiful spring day in Detroit, Michigan and a team of 6 RRT members were headed for Downtown Detroit to assist at the ALS Gala Event. ALS is also known as Motor Neurone Disease.

The ALS Michigan Chapter was holding a Gala night at the prestigious Detroit Athletics Club (DAC), where guests were served a gourmet meal and had the opportunity to purchase items through fundraising auctions.

RRT Guys Greeting the Attendees at the Door.

When the RRT team arrived on site, they were put straight to work by the ALS Team. The auction items needed to be transported from the truck to the auction rooms to be sorted. In such a large building, this was not a simple task, as the trucks were parked outside the basement doors and the auction was taking place on the opposite side of the building on the second floor. Negotiating trolleys and goods through the huge kitchen and up the elevators turned out to be quite the feat.

The Main Banquet Hall.

The volunteers laid out the tables and organized the auction items with their auction cards and details. Once the auction rooms were completed, and the place settings at the tables were set, the team helped to make final arrangements before the arrival of the first guests.

The Attendees Begin To Arrive At The Registration Desk.

At around 5pm more of the RRT team arrived to help with the increased work load of the evening, all dressed up in suits, (as this was a Black Tie Event). As the Guests arrived, the volunteers worked hard to usher them through the building and assist some of the disabled guests up to the event. There were a number of ALS sufferers attending the event with their families.

An ALS Sufferer Enjoying the Meal with A Robotic Feeder.

Throughout the evening the volunteers found it fascinating hear the ALS Victims tell stories of some of the challenges they face while living the disease. The volunteers also found the support from the Victims’ families to be truly inspiring. Some of the other guests who attended the Gala Event were Doctors and other medical persons, who are actively working to find a cure for the disease.

The ALS Gala Screen Thanking the Rapid Relief Team and Other Volunteers.

With the silent auction closed and the guests eating their meals, the RRT members assisted in the Live Auction, held in the banquet hall. A few of the volunteers assisted the auctioneer to spot the bidders, while others helped collect payment from the winners using mobile card reader devices.

The ALS Gala Silent Auction Room.

With the meal now over, the guests were then helped by the team to make payment on the items they had purchased from the Silent Auction and transport the goods to their vehicles. With the guests now gone, the team set to work clearing up and returning all the props and items back to the truck.

With a big thank you from the ALS Team, the RRT Team headed home in high spirits after a long shift on their feet. There is such a great feeling inside when you leave knowing you have done a little to help those that suffer every day.


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