Early on the morning of October 24, 2015 the World’s Fair Park near downtown Knoxville Tennessee was a beehive of activity. The day had arrived for the Susan G. Komen Knoxville Race for the Cure. Breast Cancer had affected the lives of almost all of the 9000 persons gathered for this event. The 35 RRT team volunteers in their reflective vests were quickly instructed to join a group of tuxedo-clad young men to form a corridor for the Survivors Walk.

The event grounds at the World’s Fair Park

Pink was seen everywhere! Pink t-shirts, pink hats, pink hair, pink ribbons, pink shoes, pink balloons, as well as all of the pink cards worn with names of a loved one they were racing to honour, in celebration or in memory. It was especially heartbreaking to see young children with cards saying “In Memory of My Mom”. This was a very emotional experience for these brave ladies, all survivors of Breast Cancer. Many were in tears as they felt the support of the thousands gathered to raise funds to find a cure for this disease.

Participants gathering at the start line eager to “get this show on the road” The runners crossing the start line

As the sun came up on a beautiful fall day thousands of runners gathered at the starting line. “Bang” went the starting signal and they were off! It was a huge moving mass of pink. The RRT team quickly hurried to their next assignment, crowd control at the finish line of the race. As the racers came near the finish line, the survivors were sent through a special lane formed by the tuxedo-clad young volunteers who congratulated them and presented them with a pink flower.

Handing out pink flowers at the finish line

The RRT Team was kept busy, handing out bottles of water (donated by Kroger Co.), and gently keeping the crowd moving away from the finish line.  After the last participant came through, the day was over for most, but not the RRT team. The final assignment of the day was to help clean up the site, and the RRT volunteers set to with a will showing that many hands make light work.

Many of the RRT volunteers from Knoxville, Tennesee USA A letter RRT Knoxville received after the event

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