Report on the Randolph Hotel Event – Report by RRT Member:

The call came on Friday 17th April at 18:00 – would the Oxford RRT provide welfare for the Fire Crews tackling the blaze at the Randolph Hotel? We immediately mobilised and arrived on site at 20:00…complete with our new purpose built trailer!

The Fire Crews were greatly cheered and energised with hot and cold drinks, along with soups and other snacks. About 21:00, more RRT members arrived with a wide variety of sandwiches and further snacks. The Fire Crews continued to remain at their posts throughout the night, and the RRT provided refreshments for them, and the hotel staff, until 15:00 on Saturday.

The Area Manager, Pete Cleary, said “we really appreciate what you guys are doing. It was very welcomed yesterday, doing it through the night – feeding and fuelling the guys after their hard work. Sterling job, thanks very much.”

About 13:30 on Saturday, further reinforcements arrived along with bacon rolls. These were complimented by pizzas, which were kindly provided by the Hotel. The Hotel Manager, Michael Grange, was also very appreciative of the support given by RRT.

Investigations show that the fire was possibly started by too much cognac in the saucepan – part of the procedure for the Hotel’s exquisite flambéed beef – catching alight and spreading into the top storey of the Hotel.

Interestingly enough, they estimate only 5% of the Hotel was damaged – a great mercy.  Also everyone was safely evacuated – again, it is estimated that this involved over 80 people.  The Hotel has approximately 150 bedrooms and they were fully booked – plus an event including Mrs Nelson Mandela on the Saturday!

A tribute should be paid to the Oxford Emergency Planning Team who worked extensively with the Hotel Staff, rebooking 40 flights of American students who had been evacuated, leaving their belongings and passports still in their rooms.

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