RRT were delighted once again to be involved in one of the biggest annual fundraising events for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Bluebell Wood’s specialist Care Team offers a wide range of specialist services for the whole family including respite care, day care and hospice at home. The Hospice needs to raise £4m a year and receives just 10% from government funding. Amongst a wide range of other activities and events, the colour dash donations help raise these vital funds for the care of sick children.


With 3500 participants this year, all set to complete the 5km run, the pressure really was on!  Local RRT volunteers were helping to set out the course, prepare the marquees, marshalling etc. then during the day, were responsible for throwing paint at the green colour station.


At the end of the run, the team handed out 4000 bottles of water donated by RRT to the grateful runners.


The Bluebell Wood events team were delighted with the success of the day, with excellent testimonials reflecting the ability of RRT to truly provide COMPASSION and SUPPORT to local COMMUNITIES.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to you & RRT again. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for us it’s so greatly appreciated & I would be lost without your team. I’m feeling pretty emotional this evening thinking about the extra 1000 people we had this year & how well it went. I think you are all brilliant people & look forward to next year”. Jo | Bluebell Wood Events Fundraiser

“Once again in a moment of reflection I wanted to thank you…and the whole team that helped ensure that today’s Colour Dash was a success so THANK YOU ALL. As I said to one or maybe a couple you are all a testament to your parents they should be so proud of you all and yes I am sure your faith helps to keep you true. Rarely do you come across such a fab (I know not the best descriptive word I could have used) group of young people”. Simon | Bluebell Wood Events Team

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