With the increase in living expenses, difficulty in securing employment, health issues etc. many people today are facing an ever increasing struggle to be able to obtain one of the basic essentials of life – food.

Suncoast Christian Care is a not for profit charitable organisation based in Nambour that has given itself the goal of “Fighting against Hunger” with a range of support options for those struggling to feed themselves or their families.

Running the soup kitchen two nights a week for the homeless and under privileged has been a relentless and ongoing job for the team of Suncoast Care volunteers for a number of years now.

The RRT has provided support in the past to Suncoast Care and found the experience very rewarding. During March the Nambour Rapid Relief Team was able to provide some support to the team from Suncoast Care in their fight against hunger.

At 4pm on the 16th of March the RRT arrived at the Buffalo Lodge in Nambour and quickly set up using the on-premises kitchen. The meals the RRT prepared were lamb and salad burgers, along with options of bottled water or soft drinks.

Food ready to be served

This event was attended by 35 people. All had their fill and many came back for a second round.

Before the 2nd course was served, more than 45 burgers had been made and enjoyed.

The group was then treated to a delicious desert, consisting of a generous serve of chocolate hazelnut pavlova with ice-cream.

A great evening was enjoyed by both the clients and the RRT.  Many asked when would we be coming back again, as they enjoyed the feed and the smiles. The Nambour RRT had a great time assisting those in the community who are in need, and working along with the enthusiastic and dedicated Suncoast Care management in this event. Once again, the RRT was able to fulfil the vision of ‘supporting local communities in times of need’ and look forward to being able to continue to support them at ongoing regular events in the future.

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