RRT Volunteers from across the globe hosted appreciation events for nurses and medical staff to recognise their marvellous contribution to our communities.  

Multiple regions across eleven countries including New Zealand, Australia, North America, (USA, Canada), Argentina, France, Germany, Sweden, the Caribbean, United Kingdom and Australia participated in RRT’s first International Nurses Day campaign. 

The 12th of May marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a woman who is widely recognised as the founder of modern nursing.  Her achievements include establishing the first scientifically based nursing school which has set a precedent for nursing education worldwide.  She revolutionised hospital sanitation practices which drastically reduced mortality rates among wounded soldiers.  And most importantly, her legacy has inspired generations of nurses to elevate the profession through leadership, education and compassionate care.  

International Nurses Day has been recognised since 1965 and was established to recognise nurses around the world for their dedication, compassion and vital contribution to healthcare.   

RRT has supported International Nurses Day in the past, however, this year the goal was to boost the level of acknowledgement for our community’s nurses and medical staff whose efforts often go unappreciated. 

Reflecting on the impact of this year’s campaign—where over 1,100 volunteers delivered 40,000 meals, or more aptly, 40,000 moments of delight, thanks and appreciation — we are reminded that a simple gesture can resonate deeply. 

Whether it was a freshly made barista coffee, a delicious morning tea, or piping hot bacon and egg roll, or a signature burger, the impact is perfectly reflected in the following words.  

“As a manager of the nursing and midwifery team it is great to see them so happy and bubbly. It has helped build our team and bring them closer together. RRT reminded our nurses how valued they truly are.” 

International Nurses Day

A heartfelt thank you to all the RRT volunteers who participated in the day. Your smiles, your natural sense of joy and the selfless energy you all bring are the foundation of each event. You have ensured our nurses and medical staff experienced the compassion and care they richly deserve.  

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