WOW. What a day!

In some ways, Friday March 23rd was just another day at Royal Children’s Hospital, but then another day is exceptional at this extraordinary institution, which is world renowned for excellence in care, innovative medical and surgical methods and procedures. It becomes a temporary home to many, many children and their parents, so they often come back on this day to meet their nurses and doctors.

RRT were pleased to support the Good Friday Appeal. The Team rolled up early with 40 dedicated members, fully equipped to provide a delicious breakfast and lunch to all staff, patients and their families that came by.

Rapid Relief Team, a charitable arm of the PBCC, take great delight in reaching out to people in need, and it is a greatly valued service, judging from the responses received on the day!

The Team served BBQ breakfast in the courtyard, and the streams of people coming past were very appreciative of the efforts, many more came down from the wards as well. There are some amazingly brave patients and dedicated staff, we felt privileged to serve them.

It was indeed very heart-warming to see the selfless effort that so many people and organisations put into this day, right across the state. In every town it seems there is a Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital. One comment we heard was; it is the fact that it is all for children that makes the difference! The positive ‘vibes’ were certainly much in evidence on every face there, along with the tomato sauce! – no not really!

The 2016 Good Friday Appeal was an amazing success, with over $17.4 million donated, and the RRT breakfast amount of $3600 + contributed to this as well as fed the people, with approx. 560 hamburgers, 600 sausages and 400 bacon & egg rolls served – making well over 1500 meals provided on the day!

Many once critically ill children and their families use this day to return to the hospital to acknowledge and renew links with the staff, as well as the current patients. RRT were glad to support the event – it is so attuned and in line with the RRT slogan of “Community | Compassion | Support”.

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