Early morning on Thursday 11th June saw the RRT once again setting up to provide a warm breakfast at Cornerstone church in Dandenong.

On this occasion the event was run by 10 members of the Warragul RRT.  Cornerstone is a gathering place where disadvantaged persons in society can meet and be provided with meals and activities organised by volunteer groups.  The RRT has worked with Cornerstone on a number of occasions, and has already booked in some future events due to the positive feedback from the patrons.

With low temperatures during the night, a hot breakfast was warmly welcomed. Between 7:45 and 10:00am, approximately 140 meals were served with some coming back for seconds and thirds. Remaining meals were distributed at the end of the event as takeaway meals for people to eat later.

The Warragul RRT were grateful for the rewarding opportunity to experience the gratitude and cheer of these needy people, who had gathered at this multi-faith Christian church. Many thankful comments were received such as “God bless your team”, and “you guys are going out if your way for us, no one could complain”.

Cornerstone provides the needy with thousands of meals and hours of work each year.   The RRT are pleased to be able to support the Cornerstone community ‎ in an ongoing way, and acknowledge the powerful and significant part they play in the local community. We look forward to further collaboration to assist the Cornerstone team in reaching out to persons in need and providing compassion and care for the local community.

Cornerstone also included a couple of photos and a mention of this breakfast in their recent ‘Gazette’ as below!

Cornerstone Gazette July 2015

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