They set off from Byron Bay on Saturday morning the 8th of August 2015. 12 people with their motorbikes dedicated to riding 7500km across the red heart of Australia, to raise money for SIDS.

The volunteers;  11 men and 1 woman, were accompanied throughout their journey by a paramedic and some celebrities on the charity circuit – Tex and Bundy. Tex and Bundy are a rider and his dog, who dedicate their time to fundraising to support various charities around Australia. (Bundy rode in front of Tex on his bike complete with her own vest and goggles!) 22 days later, after the epic trek through 3 deserts, they reached their destination, Steep Point, Western Australia.

Altogether, this event raised over $40 000 dollars for the SIDS & Kids QLD Division, which will be used to fund education programs, research and support to families affected by the death of an infant.

The SIDS & Kids organisation wanted to thank these benefactors with a dinner, and recognition for their incredible effort, and they brought the Brisbane RRT on board to help them out.

At 5pm on September the 19th a team of RRT arrived at the SIDS and Kids Headquarters and set up a BBQ to cook fresh hamburgers for all the attendees. Over 40 burgers were put together, along with fresh fruit and muffins.

After the RRT served the food there was an opportunity to talk to the attendees about both the ride itself and about the experiences of some families who have received support from SIDS & Kids. It was a privilege to see the memorial garden;  speak to the founders of the SIDS & Kids QLD Division, who themselves tragically lost a little boy approximately 30 years ago, and also to meet the famous Bundy, a very friendly dog!

The SIDS & Kids team thanked the RRT and echoed our hope that we will work together on charitable causes in the future.

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