The 25th July 2014 saw the RRT again at Parramatta Mission. RRT cooked and served lunch for about 200 people. A keyboard and guitars accompanied the singing of some great old favourites which were a hit with the crowd. Interaction from the crowd was excellent with many joining in singing and suggesting favourite songs to be played.

Parramatta Mission provided meat patties, potato bake, salad, desert and soft drinks. RRT donated sausages, onion, bread rolls and bottles water for the lunch. The healthy and tasty meal was well received by the consumers.

A mission employee commented, “The sponsored lunches mean much more than just lunch, the music and smiling faces give the consumers encouragement and drive to continue on.”

Meals Plus provides breakfast and lunch five days a week to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This hot lunch meal could well be the only one they have that day and also gives the chance to interact and speak to others. Over 40 000 meals are served each year. The demand on this service is continually increasing. Those at Meals Plus are quick to point out the ‘plus’ part of their name is just as important as the ‘meals’. These services include shower and laundry facilities, emergency food hampers, case management and referral services.

Parramatta Mission has been providing care and services to people in need for over 40 years.

Due to changes in government funding, Meals Plus no longer receives financial support from the government. To minimise the impact of this on the Meals Plus service, Parramatta Mission is relying heavily on the support of members of the community raising both funds and awareness.

In response to the Winter Appeal for funds put out by Parramatta Mission, RRT management decided to donate an extra $4000.00 in addition to $1000.00 cost of the sponsored lunch.

RRT looks forward to supporting Parramatta Mission again in the future.

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