On Friday, 23rd of October 2015 one room in an old people’s home near Bad Endbach, Germany, caught fire at 18:15pm. A 58 year old resident had to be airlifted to hospital after severe burn injuries. Sadly his injuries proved to be fatal. Many of the residentsof the aged care home had to move out to another home, because the three story house was damaged so badly that accommodation was impossible.

The old people’s home. The helicopter at the scene.

When the RRT heard about the fire, the Endbach division of the RRT met after a short briefing and arrived at the scene at 19:45pm. Drinks and snacks for the emergency services -fire fighters, police and German Red Cross who were on the scene – were organized at short notice.

After been given a designated area in which to provide the refreshments, the RRT Team set up the table with necessary refreshments (Water, coke, chocolate bars etc.). The emergency services were astonished at such “rapid response” and positive comments were received like “This is amazing”, “Is this really all charity funded?” and a non-community incident support unit commented “You are so good, we will recommend you!”

Preparing the refreshments. The RRT team handing out refreshments.

The fire chief gave a special thanks to the team saying “By the time we had realized that refreshments for all the emergency team were needed – RRT had already set up and were providing for the need on hand!”

RRT and Fire Crew

The positive feedback from the fire fighters, police and others gives us great enthusiasm and reiterates the need for the Rapid Relief Team! We are looking forward to being of further support in times of need like this.


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