On 7th July, 2016, at 6am, 30 volunteer members of the Plymouth Brethren’s Rapid Relief Team (RRT) assembled at Sydney Town Hall to assist at the annual Sydney Homeless Connect (SHC) event.

This Sydney Homeless Connect event is in its seventh year and works for the well-being, survival and protection of NSW people experiencing homelessness.

RRT are a trained and equipped charitable volunteer service who willingly provided breakfast for over 1000 people who attended the Sydney Homeless Connect event, patrons and volunteers alike. In excess of 1000 bacon and egg rolls, dozens of bottled water, 1180 barista-made coffees and over 100 cups of tea were served!

This was the Rapid Relief Team’s first event to use their new state-of-the-art coffee trailer made for purpose of providing excellent coffees faster and more efficiently, in mass! RRT’s Coffee Trailer will be utilised up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia at various charitable events.

Much appreciation was expressed by those who enjoyed the day! RRT support the excellent service provided by Sydney Homeless Connect and look forward to working with them again!

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