The Wesley Mission Winter Olympics is a great opportunity for the youth to come together for a day packed full of activity. This year it was held at Nerang Velodrome with 4 of the Wesley Mission Youth Hubs competing.

Along with the catering, RRT volunteers were requested to judge the parade, dances and war crises as they started the games. It was excellent to see the team spirit and effort the kids had put into their parades.

Wesley Mission Queensland do a great job in their care of the aged, the youth, those facing hardship and those suffering with a disability or mental health. Their purpose being to; participate in the mission of God towards reconciliation, transformation, justice and hope for all people.

“Wesley Mission Queensland has been caring for the community for more than 100 years.  Since their beginnings in 1907 in the roots of the Albert Street Methodist Church (now the Uniting Church) in Brisbane, they have been living their mission by supporting people on the margins of society”.

The 6th of July 2017 was a fulfilling day at the Nerang Velodrome. The kids and event organisers were appreciative of RRT’s services;

“The kids loved your team, they can’t believe so many came and were so friendly and happy to be there. Our new staff and volunteers who hadn’t seen your team before were amazed at how committed you were and genuinely seemed to love the day” Tina Adams – Coordinator of Youth Hubs.

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