Taunton Association for the Homeless (TAH) do a fantastic job in providing support and assistance to homeless people in Somerset.

Every year, to raise funds for their ongoing work, TAH give the more fortunate people of society a chance to experience a night without a roof over their heads; the Big Sleep Out.  This is aimed at raising funds to help stop the suffering of rough sleepers by creating awareness of the harsh realities they face.  Using Taunton Town Football Club premises, the 60 to 70 volunteers, sponsored by family and friends, experienced a night beneath the stars.



With ‘lights out’ at 11.00pm and intended wake-up between 7:00 and 8:00am the following morning, all sleepers were looking forward to a good breakfast.  However, a minor rainstorm at 5:30am woke most people who were greeted by the RRT who arrived shortly after.  Once set up, the team began to serve a hearty BBQ breakfast. The team ensured that all were well fed and watered before they made their way to the comfort and safety of their own homes to reflect on the night time experience.




Everyone thoroughly enjoyed both the unique experience of a night in the open and the meal that followed.  Many comments of gratitude and appreciation were received, and the RRT would like to thank the TAH for the great work they do in the community; keep up the good work TAH, you are making a difference.





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