The summer school holidays have started, it’s a hot 35-degree afternoon on a mid-December Wednesday and a team of RRT volunteers from Leeton and Griffith have donated their time to embrace the youth of Pioneer Village in Regional Western NSW.

Chairs set up for the hungry children

The mums are exhausted, it’s hot, they’ve been busy and the kids are left to occupy themselves, want a hot meal? WOW! Watch them smile, another mouthful disappears behind those grinning cheeks; fresh bread rolls filled with hot beef burgers, tomato, cheese, lettuce and smothered in a sauce of their choice.

Cooking the meal

“Here you are, Beef Burgers, hot and ready to go, say thanks little man, I want some manners here tonight” – “Fanks so much” (the smile says it all). The RRT are suppling nourishing meals, cooked up and served on a plate in an empty cul-de-sac close by a playing field and local skateboard park this afternoon, boys and girls, mums and babies are being provided with an excellent feed totally free of charge. Even a neighbouring dog fled the scene not wanting to share the loaf of bread he scored.

Serving the meal to the residents

Tables and chairs have been provided, fresh juice, bottled water and they are all loving it! “Finish off with some fruit? What about sweets? Like some fresh orange? What about a cup cake?

Serving cold drinks

After their meal some of the kids are being given warm packages to take home for any of the others that have missed out. Home care packages are also being handed out containing a tooth brush and paste, shampoo, soap, plus more.

Making up takeaway packs
Making up takeaway packs
Selwyn Hester & young resident

All in all, a young soul has been satisfied, a child felt affection tonight, a little guy said fanks today, a small girl smiled this afternoon any many young hearts have been cheered here today!

The meal was much appreciated

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