Hundreds of purple and yellow jerseys descended on the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds on Saturday 12th of September 2015 to participate in the Relay for Life and raise funds for cancer research. Relay for Life has held hundreds of events across Australia and the world, and where possible RRT has enjoyed the chance to help out. The warm spring weekend in Brisbane was perfect for the event, which lasts for 18 hours, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.

The RRT Brisbane was brought on board by the Cancer Council to assist with setup, parking and logistics. The Team offered their resources on the food front as well, setting up a hotdog stand at the site. The hotdogs were sold with hotdogs for $5 each, with Cancer Council volunteers collecting all payments so 100% of the sales went to the Cancer Council.

Relay for Life teams are required to keep a baton on the relay course for 18 hours straight, with up to 15 people taking turns to carry it. The teams arrived throughout the morning and early afternoon with their tents and overnight supplies. Volunteers from the RRT directed the teams to their camping spots, assisted them in carrying supplies, and then helped them to set up the tents (some were much more complex than others!).  After lunch was over, the RRT took hotdogs around the tents and donated them to the participants. Many participants were eager to donate a few extra dollars to the cause when they took the hotdogs.

The positive response from organisers and participants in the relay ranged from ‘I wish you were here last year’ to the public acknowledgement of ‘The Rapid Relief Team is amazing, you’ve made a real difference today – out there in the middle moving all that gear and having food available, really appreciate what you’ve done’. Thanks, Relay for Life Team – we look forward to helping you out again next year!

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