On Friday the 12th of December, a man from the Mt Riverview area of the Blue Mountains was reported to be missing. The Police were worried for the man’s welfare, due to the fact he had been missing since Tuesday and executed a search and rescue operation. This involved over 80 personnel including the police, NSW Rural Fire Brigade and State Emergency Services.  Aerial searches using a helicopter were also conducted in the hope of locating the missing man, and extensive searches continued throughout Saturday.

The RRT was quickly deployed to the region to provide meals

By this time, the search crews were in need of refreshments, and the RRT was contacted by the Police Constable, who was leading the operation, at around 8am on Saturday. He asked the RRT if they could assist by providing lunch for the search crews on the Saturday and Sunday. Quickly mobilizing, the RRT arranged to bring sausages, sliced bread, onion, water and soft drinks to site. The team immediately deployed the catering trailer and set it up on site, and before long, tired and hungry crews began arriving for lunch.

Lunch prepared in the scrub After a short break they regrouped and headed off in teams.

After all of the crews had been refreshed with the BBQ lunch of 150 sausages, they regrouped and discussed further search activities. The afternoon saw them heading back into bush for the ongoing search for the missing man. Later that afternoon, the search was called off after the unfortunate discovery of the man’s body in the bushlands. Due to this, the RRT was no longer required to provide meals.

The Constable in charge of the search and rescue mission and the search crew members commended the RRT for the providing lunch with short notice. The Constable commented “you guys have saved my day!”.

RRT would like to take the opportunity to thank those who supplied the food at heavily discounted prices, and to extend our sympathy to friends and family of the deceased man.

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