10 year old Jayton Carter is one of many Australians who battle the disease called Cystic Fibrosis; otherwise known as CF. Every day, Jayton fights this life threatening disease with all medical treatments available and intense physiotherapy.

CF is a disease that causes excessive build-up of mucus in the lungs, airways and digestive system making it difficult to breathe and potentially causing irreversible damage in the lungs. On average, 90 Australians are born with CF every year. Cystic Fibrosis Australia raises thousands of dollars each year in order to support research of medical treatments, however, as of yet there is no known cure. The RRT were pleased to help out with one family, in order to make their life a little easier by providing them with one of the many needed items to help maintain the health of a child with CF.

Jayton with 2 representatives from the RRT

The town of Cunderdin had approached the RRT in order to host a fundraising event to raise funds for a new nebuliser unit for Jayton. However, unfortunately, they couldn’t make the date suggested. To make up for not being able to participate in the fundraising day, the RRT met with the Carter family personally, to see how they could help out. The Carter family have been very active in supporting community awareness of CF, while doing all that they can to finance Jayton’s needs.

The nebuliser unit Jayton was using was out-dated and 10 years old. The RRT decided to provide the family with a new fully portable nebuliser unit that can administer the required drugs at a 50% faster rate. The nebuliser unit requires new filters and parts in order to remain efficient. The RRT have also pledged to cover the ongoing costs of this unit for a 2 year period. Having ongoing medical expenses and the cost of living to attend to, the new nebuliser unit will not go unnoticed by the family.

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