On Friday the 26th of February RRT joined with Parramatta Mission to provide a “Farewell Meal” in recognition of the service of Fred, a long serving employee. Fred has worked tirelessly both as an employee and a volunteer for many years, directing and helping persons needing to get a fresh start on their journey of life.

The day started early at 8.15am with the setup of equipment at the mission, a total of 25 cheerful and eager RRT volunteers under the direction of the head Chef at the Mission prepared and cooked some 160 meals. At 11.30am a delicious meal of Peppered Chicken Tenders and Salad was followed by a dessert of ice cream and fruit salad.

As always, the meal was greatly appreciated by the attendees. 2 RRT musicians also provided music during and after the meal.

The staff, patrons and members of the public made speeches and presentations in recognition to Fred and his long service of dedication.

This was also the occasion of RRT making a formal donation of $10,000.00 to Parramatta Mission, along with a commitment to a further 8 meal events this year.

Mr Daniel Alderton presented the donation and made a speech about RRT’s work in the community responding to people in need and distress.

Parramatta Mission provides a huge number of meals, Monday to Friday for people in need. This donation demonstrates RRT’s commitment to compassion to people in need within in our community of Parramatta.

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