Its finally happened! – The long awaited French Boules ‘Terrain’ Pitches at Muscliff, Bournemouth UK, was finished on the 25th February 2017.

In France this game is known as ‘Petanque’ (pronounced Pe-tonk). Petanque is a form of Boules, where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel balls, as close as possible to a small wooden ball, called the ‘Jack’, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground. Young, teenage, middle age, and senior participants can all play this game!

This new Boules facility has been the long wish of members who formed the ‘Muscliff Whittaker Foundation Trust’ Charity. Set up in memory of a devoted local Councillor and former Mayor, Mr Ron Whittaker. He served the community for many years, representing the Muscliff and Throop Constituency. He passed away in September 2015. This new facility was donated to the community by the Bournemouth PBCC ‘Brookfield Gospel Hall Trust’ with the additional gift of volunteer labour, machinery and materials hire to the value of £6,400!

The Bournemouth Rapid Relief Team were called in on the final day, to provide catering and refreshments throughout the day for those on site – the 40 Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, PBCC volunteer workers constructing this new facility, along with local councillors and members of the ‘Whittaker Foundation Trust ‘ who will look after the operations of these community Boules pitches in the future.

Breakfast was cooked and served at 10am. It consisted of bacon rolls, along with hot and cold drinks. The hearty filling breakfast fired everyone up for the day and was much appreciated by all.

As the volunteer work continued, there were many hungry mouths for the RRT to feed later in the day! The lunch menu featured tasty charcoal BBQ chicken fillet burgers – 78 were served to everyone present. The councillors and Senior Members of the Whittaker Foundation Trust were keen to sample the delicious food.

By mid-afternoon the work was entering the final stages, afternoon break included hot and cold drinks, along with irresistible soft cookies.

The work day ended with the setting sun. The Boules Pitches were all complete, except the final pitch topping, all ready for the Tuesday 28th February Opening and the first game.

Volunteer workers, Councillors and WFT Members expressed their appreciation for the efforts and enthusiastic support of the Bournemouth RRT team. We look forward to the pitch serving the community for many years to come!

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