On Friday 19th August the Campbelltown, Camden & Wollondilly Councils, along with the Macarthur Disablility Services, organised a day to demonstrate to local Indigenous Organisations services that are available to those needing various means of support within their community. The event was called Breaking Down the Doors Forum, representing the chance for normally-departmentalised organisations to meet and exchange inspiration, information and ideas. Leaders and elders represented various organisations, and the day was a success in awareness-raising. Macarthur Rapid Relief Team was invited along with a number of other charities from the Macarthur and Wollondilly areas to present their organisation, and demonstrate what we do. The event was also attended by a number of special guests and speakers including the Mayor of Campbelltown Cr Paul Hawker.

RRT with the Campbelltown Mayor

New South Wales has the largest population of Indigenous Australians in the country, with over 147 000 people living in NSW identifying as such. The Macarthur region is second only to Sydney in regional population; and historically the community has struggled to be recognised in society.

The Rapid Relief Team were very glad to be invited to this event, counting it as an privilege to support the Indigenous community. The Team provided a morning tea and snack lunch to the many attendees. 80 meals were served to the attendees, by the 6 RRT representatives who were at the event. The team enjoyed the opportunity to utilise the new RRT Barista Coffee Trailer which was well received as just one area of support that the Rapid Relief Team is able to offer. Special mention was made as to the professionalism and enthusiasm of the RRT team, both while aiding this community and when assisting many other causes in the region.

The new coffee trailer proved very useful Free food was served throughout the event

Being able to network and connect with the various other charities who were represented on the day has broadened the outlook for RRT in the Macarthur and show many other opportunities to display care and support for those in need.

Happy patrons

Overall the day was a great success, with all who were there leaving with valuable information and a larger network of supportive contacts. The spirit of positivity and enthusiasm was great to be a part of.  The Macarthur Region RRT look forward to being of further assistance in upcoming events!

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