The Wesley Mission Emergency Relief Organisation is committed to assist people who have fallen on hard times and can’t support themselves. Their services extend to homeless people. They provide food and necessities, along with financial assistance and psychological services.

In late December, RRT in South East Queensland worked with the Wesley Mission to give the community in inner suburbs of Brisbane City a chance to mingle in a friendly way. They enjoyed a range of activities, two RRT Bands and free lunch.

The park where the event was held is an area where there are many homeless people, and boarding houses, so this opportunity to interact had a positive impact. The local councillor attended the event and commented about what a wonderful job the Wesley Mission and the RRT were doing. She loved the bands and said the food was excellent.  She also remarked about how the park is a bit hidden and unused, so this day also meant that the space was activated in a way that included the local community.

Wesley Mission Emergency Relief Services Manager Moroni Pugh, who oversaw the day’s proceedings, commented, “RRT was great. The hamburgers went down really well; the clients loved them and the bands were awesome; you guys did a fantastic job!”

36 RRT Volunteers attended the event. A hamburger lunch was served to over 100 people, the majority being homeless.  The two bands performed well-known songs such as Careless Whisper, Easy, Blue Suede Shoes and Folsom Prison Blues to an appreciative audience.

The RRT also had the opportunity to interact with many people and listen to their stories. They spoke to Jeff, who had trouble in his own life some time back and then came in touch with the Wesley mission, who cared for him and offered counselling. Jeff has his own home now, volunteers 5 days a week with Wesley Mission and hasn’t looked back since. They spoke to Ian & Nya, who are currently living on the streets. Ian’s dream is to begin work for a civil engineering company on construction sites, and eventually move back to Redcliffe with Nya. Mick, another Wesley Mission client, also really enjoyed the day. He has been living at Pindari home (a shelter for homeless people) for a month or so. Wesley mission has given him a new outlook, and he is looking to start his own small business in 2015.

RRT Brisbane (with Ipswich and Caboolture) would like to thank the Wesley Mission for the chance to assist them in their important work in the community.

Wesley Mission- Video 2

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