Cancer Council is a community-funded, community-focused charity dedicated to the defeat of cancer. Relay for Life began in Australia in 1999 and Relays are now held in every Australia state and territory, with over 134,000 participants raising over $24 million each year. Every dollar raised goes towards funding the Cancer Council’s vital research, prevention and support programs.

771 participants took part in the Relay for Life in Hervey Bay in 2015

A Relay for Life event took place in Hervey Bay, QLD, on the 10th of October 2015. 75 teams and 771 participants were involved in this event, and the RRT Fraser Coast enthusiastically offered their assistance to the cause. The day started at 9:00am for the RRT at the Hervey Bay Seafront Oval. 20 energetic volunteers set to work, with 1 team helping participants set up stands along the track, another co-ordinating car parking and handing out water bottles to those setting up stalls and other equipment for the day.

RRT helped in the setup of tents … in carparking …handing out water bottles

A third team was scheduled to assist the event organisers with registrations, but an urgent call was sent out to help get lunch ready. Fortunately, the 5 volunteers on this team who all had their food handling certification and were able to set up a production line and work together to make sandwiches, cake and fruit platters, hot and cold drinks for the survivors of cancer who were present.

The team making a meal for the survivors

At 2:50pm the announcement was made to bring the teams together at the starting line. The Cancer Council spokesperson called on some participants and survivors to sing the National Anthem, read a poem, and give some introductory speeches and the Relay was underway.

The start of the event

The first teams of survivors and carers started off around the track at 3:00pm. After their symbolic lap around the circuit they were served by the RRT catering team, as the rest of the Relay participants kicked off their 18 hour ‘marathon’. The teams were made up of local school groups, survivors of cancers and family and friends, and many other likeminded members of the community who wanted to do their bit in the fight against cancer.

And they’re off!

With the RRT’s work at the event done, they packed up, happy to have had the opportunity to be part of such a worthy cause. The event organisers paid tribute to the RRT volunteers, stating that even with record numbers of participants, the event had run more smoothly than it had ever done before. The Relay was a great success, and more than $63 000 was raised. The RRT looks forward to continuing their work supporting the Cancer Council in the future.

Relay for Life Hervey Bay – letter of appreciation

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