On the 14th June 2017, the Rapid Relief Team were onsite at the Grenfell Tower Disaster by 9:00am following the awful, traumatic blaze which hit global news headlines. The Emergency Services were served tirelessly (as they deserve to be) by the team during the day providing over 1500 meals and endless hot and cold drinks.

This continued on the 15th June from early morning until late in the evening. There were increased numbers of emergency personnel on the 15th which meant another very busy day for all involved. RRT provided over 2500 meals and the welcome hot and cold drinks for the exhausted fire service personnel.

There were visits during the day by the Prime Minister Theresa May, Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick. Theresa May spoken personally to RRT members speaking appreciatively of their support for the Emergency Services, commenting we don’t care for them as we should. When disaster strikes, they are on call until it is averted.

Again, on the 16th June RRT were back, ready to provide the much needed breakfast for those who had been on duty during the night and for those coming on to the new shifts.  This amazing service continued during the day and the teams stood down finally at the end of that day providing three full days support.

Overall 45 team members attended, served 630 man hours, provided 5500 meals and donated 2100 water bottles.

Some heart warming testimonials were received;

“Amazing selfless, kind, joyful fabulous people! I wish for you that more people know what you do and why you do it! I think you’re just incredible!”

” Thanks for looking after us today….we really appreciate it.”

Our thoughts continue for the relatives and families involved. Sadly, according to the The Guardian, police believe the death toll to have been 80. Scotland Yard say they believe 350 people were in the west London tower when fire broke out. They said 255 people had survived and another 14 residents were not in their flats at the time of the blaze.

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