The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) are always ready to support and feel fortunate to assist with our resources. Early this month, RRT received a request from Lithgow City Council to use the RRT bulk water trucks for emergency water supply. RRT volunteers from Lithgow jumped into action to support Wallerawang, Portland & Lidsdale community who were without water.


RRT volunteers from Lithgow were on the ground 24 hours a day supporting communities by providing the tank and pumping equipment and have transported nearly 3.3 million litres of water to affected towns. Driven by principles of care and compassion, RRT has also donated over 7,000 water bottles to the community who don’t have access to clean drinking water.



Our bulk water trucks have supported firefighters on the front line over the past year, and we’re pleased to see them again support our local communities. We’re grateful to be part of this tremendous community effort with Timber Fix Australia and Lithgow City Council. #RRT #RapidReliefTeam

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