With a sudden heatwave, RRT Operation Hydrate London was put into action for Tuesday 19th July. By late morning there were already warnings at the stations advising commuters to take water with them, and RRT were there to help.


By 3.30 pm, RRT teams from Cambridge, Hertford, Sutton, South London and Watford were in place at 3 key London Stations, Kings Cross, London Bridge and Westminster Stations. Each team had a supply of around 4,500 bottles, totalling over 13,000 bottles of water.


With teams busy giving out water, there were comments such as “You’re a God send” and another received was “I literally love you! We wondered if you were going to be back this year”




Everybody benefited, tourists, teachers, office workers and bus drivers!



All in, a very successful afternoons work by the RRT team. We’ll be back for the next heat wave in London!


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